Download Dosshu Bonhur series Volume (1-10) By Romena Afaz

Download Dosshu Bonhur series

Download Dosshu Bonhur series

Dosshu Bonhur” is an anecdotal character made by well known Bangladeshi fictionist Romena Afaz, which was first distributed from ‘Mofiz book house’ at 1980s decade. Later those books were distributed as volume by Salma Book Station.

In excess of hundred thriller story were distributed in Dosshu Bonhur series.

In the early adolescence, Monir-child of Chowdhury House was lost in a maritime mishap. Burglar boss “Kalu Khan” discovered him and later he made him as Dosshu Bonhur.

The trademark of this series is – The image of truth and equity is outlaw.

You will appreciate reading these books and furthermore get the hang of something subsequent to reading this books. So download all the books of Dosshu Bonhur series from below link.

Download Dassu Banhur part-1-10 in PDF format


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